Bura Girls School


Bura Girls’ High School consists of two religions. Christianity and Islamic. On the side of Christianity there are a couple of denominations. These are Catholic and Protestants. The protestant denomination is represented by the Christian Union Movement.
Just the way every group has its own leaders, the movement has a number of officials for different posts. These officials are:-
Florence Fundi - Chairlady
Honorina Tole - Organising secretary
Larissa Zighe - Deputy chairlady

Dora Mvoi - Treasurer
Ruth Gambo - Deputy Treasurer
Shallom Mzae - Secretary
Abby Mugo - Deputy Secretary
Janet Okoth - Co-ordinator
Gladys Mudhara - Bible study – co-ordinator

Averagely, at the beginning of every week, that is on Sundays, the CU members holds a service to offer thanksgiving to the Almighty. On Saturdays there is a Bible study session where members meet in groups and discuss more about the word of God.

In the course of every term, the club holds at least one rally. In these rallies, they welcome other C.U members from other schools, colleges and organizations and share more about God together. The club also attends rallies in other schools where similar activities take place. In addition to attending rallies, the movement visits orphanage homes where the members associate with the orphans and give them small gifts that can sustain them.